For more than 75 years, Miele's Bielefeld production plant has been the home of products guaranteeing perfect cleaning performance.

And did you know....?
Only appliances which pass these tests with flying colours are approved for series production.
  • that key functional components are not outsourced by Miele but developed and manufactured in our own production facilities?
    These include electronic controls and the heater pump.
    At our Electronics plant in Gütersloh, we also develop and produce circuit boards and software for our appliances.
  • that each and every appliance is tested during and after assembly to ensure perfect functioning? (100% end-of-line test)

These efforts are worth our while:

As numerous surveys show, Miele appliances last longest. Owners of Miele dishwashers can expect their machines to last 20 years compared with an industry average of only 14.4 years.