Zeitspar-Konzept Timesave concept
The new Miele Timesave concept results in considerable time savings in various dishwashing programmes, turning your crockery around in next to no time. The 'Turbo' function cuts the duration of dishwashing programmes by up to 50 mins. Each and every item comes out perfectly clean and dry. The 'Rapid 40°C' and 'Light 50°C' programmes are convincingly short. Programme durations can be further curtailed by connecting a machine to a hot water supply, an option available on all Miele dishwashers.
  • Faster washing and drying of crockery
  • Perfect washing and drying results
Intelligentes Automatic-Spülprogramm Intelligent sensor technology
Intelligent sensor technology on board Miele dishwashers enables fully automatic programme optimisation and smart sensor drying.
  • Fully automatic adjustment of programme cycles
  • Reduced consumption
  • Perfect washing and drying results every time

Intelligent 'Automatic' wash programme
Miele's intelligent 'Automatic' wash programme uses only the time, electricity and water necessary for a perfect wash – no more, no less!

Intelligent sensor drying
The ambient temperature in your kitchen and the size of load may impair drying results. Intelligent sensor drying in the 'Automatic' programme ensures perfect drying results, irrespective of room temperature or load size.

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